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Oct 13, 2020
Hey guys, first post apologies if its a daft one.

Have been using CX for a few days now, managed to get it working and building a few programs without too much issue.

I am an old user of Monkey, and before that pretty much every Blitz package under the sun (B3d, BlitzMax and the very old Blitz Basic)

My question is a very daft one indeed, but I am sure I read something on the forums a few days ago regarding this (but now cannot find it) so its more a 'was I dreaming' question.

I have some very very old BB code (from around 2002!) and I still have the Blitz3d app which loads it perfectly well.

Is there a tool/util that can convert BB or B3d into CX code? I am presuming there wouldn't be and its a case of going thru and converting manually but thought I would ask just in case I was re-inventing the wheel!

Even if there was a handy lookup for replacing the old commands with the new that would be useful (although looking at my original code its not that hard to work most of it out!)

Again apologies for my first post being a daft one!




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Jun 26, 2017
Hey Mark,
welcome to the forums and don't bother about your first question here!

I can remember there was a tool for converting from MonkeyX to BlitzMax called MonkeyMax, but I couldn't find it and it wouldn't help either I guess.

Even if there was a handy lookup for replacing the old commands with the new
I haven't seen something like this, but it should not be to hard to make one.
If you could post the commands you need translation for with their parameters, we could post the counterpart in CX.
But I have to admit that I didn't dig into B3d or MiniB3D for CX, so someone else would have to fill that gap.


Jun 19, 2017
Welcome Mark to the forum. The MiniB3D module is the closest thing to old B3D.

If anything, ask away and if knowledge and time permits, we will try to help.


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Oct 13, 2020
Thanks guys,

There is no issues around command translation, it was really just if there was an 'go to' page for info in case it cropped up.

Its actually a learning exercise moving it from one to the other so something thats worth doing manually to build up experience :)

Thanks again and thanks for the welcome ;)
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