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Jul 6, 2017
I've made a new app for speech & language therapists over the last few days, it's called DoraLex (a bad pun mixing "Dora The Explorer" and the usual kind of names that reading/lexicon databases/app bear)
It mixes three Creative Commons French word databases, Lexique, Manulex and Manulex Infra (
The database I'm using has approx. 18000 words, which can then be passed through various filters like number of graphemes, phonemes, syllables, which sequences of graphemes/phonemes must be included and where, etc.
Of course such tools exist, the Lexique database can be searched via its website but it didn't really suit my needs.
I recycled the GUI elements I had made for my surgery app (still successfully used at my hospital btw), it's nothing funky but it does the job. Il used two modules outside of vanilla cX, Angelfont and AutoFit2.
As usual the language itself did everything I expected, it's a very reliable tool and even though I'm not a good coder I can do what I need quite quick.
It can be downloaded here :
even though it's the most uninteresting of apps if you don't speak French
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Jun 19, 2017
It is always great to see apps created with CX. Good job, hope it will be a financial success for you.
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