How to make money with my CX efforts?


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Jun 19, 2017
Nooo. Not feeling good (intestinal issues) so I am just thinking.If I ever develop a new tool, that could be the case, but CX stays multi platform.
Narrowing official targets might be something for the future, but not now.


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Sep 9, 2017
Interesting thread .. I hope you are feeling better soon @MikeHart

What attracts me to CX
- Not a studio. I don't have to click around and I can code straight away
- works on my not so new Laptop with low-res display (again not a studio)
- Cross platform for no extra cost. Or any cost at all
- all code is available (mojo, trans etc)
- I can write plugins easy

imo where Cerberus falls short
- need to find external tools (or write own) for other game Dev parts (level editor etc)
- visible documentation and examples. Help is there but hard to find what you need
- audience. Sadly the forums arent buzzing when new people arrive and need help. Obviously this only gets better when more people use it
- best practices (file formats, layouts)
- it's not a studio. How's that for contradictions? ;-) you mentioned it earlier, I think users are put off because it isn't a studio and doesn't look flash
- no built-in asset store and easy import into projects
- no standard place to get external modules

Don't get me wrong I love CX and I find it easy to use (i have grown up with BlitzBasic2, Blitz, Monkey etc)

Not sure how you can make money directly from CX. Some users pay other packages for other platform support (android, Amazon etc), game assets, patreon instruction vids.

Hopefully one day I will make that awesome game that everyone wants to play and I can tell the world it was made in CX

You've done great things with CX. Keep up the great work please and hope we can help where needed

Thank you!


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Jun 19, 2017
Thanks for all the suggestions. I think building up a bigger community and have some more flashy bits and pieces for CX is important for any commercial success. So I have thought about this more in the last days and these are some plans which I will work on in the next weeks/months:

1. Activated a Patreon account and linked it in my signature
2. Placed my Paypal.Me link into my signature
3. With the help of a user here, I will create a Udemy online course.
4. Move CX to my own account to be able to have people pay for it, if they want to. Same like we had before. Martin has agreed to it.
5. Will continue to work on making CX more easy to use regarding tools, SDK setups and game creation itself.
6. Working on user funded feature requests for CX.

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