Just a question about Cerberus X and Monkey X 2


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Hello everyone, I am pretty much a returning member. I have been around since BlitzBasic; then later, Monkey-X. And now I am here. I am back to brick and mortar coding my games instead of using the Unity game engine. I actually use Monkey-X 2. But, my question is since Cerberus-X is simply a rebranding/renaming of the Monkey-X language, I was wondering why are there 2 different web pages for both products? Granted Monkey X 2 I guess is different from Cerberus - X aka the Monkey-X (I think or is it backwards compatible? I am not sure). But, I still would think that both languages should be a part of the same website as I am guessing maybe some of us are the same people who used the original Monkey-X and maybe even BlitzBasic, etc. back in the day. There could be a section for us who use Monkey-X2, and a section for us who also use Cerberus-X (notice I said "us" LOL), etc. This is just an idea. I remember it was this way on the BlitzBasic site.
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Hi en929,

welcome to our place. @Martin and I created this place and CX as the result of BRL abandoning MX and closing its website. We want to support MX and CX user. The only connection we have is that CX is based on MX. That is all. What M.S. is doing is his own business.

CX is the continuation of MX, means MX code should run out of the box basically. Since 2017 and thanks to the help of our great community we have fixed, enhanced and added a lot of stuff to CX. And we plan to continue to do so.

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