Lense effect


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Jan 2, 2020
A lense effect using mojo2.

Lense effect:
Import mojo2

Function Main:Int()
    New Game()
End Function

Class Point

    Field x:Float
    Field y:Float

    Method New(tX:Float,tY:Float)
        x = tX
        y = tY


Class Game Extends App

    Field myimage:Image
    Field canvas:Canvas
    Field k:Float = 0.0001
    Field cX:Int
    Field cY:Int
    Field p:Point[][]
    Const WIDTH:Int = 256
    Const HEIGHT:Int = 256
    Const GAP:Int = 2

    Method OnCreate:Int()
        SetSwapInterval 1
        SetUpdateRate 0
        SetDeviceWindow 640,480,4
        canvas=New Canvas
        p = New Point[WIDTH][]
        For Local i:Int = 0 Until WIDTH
            p[i] = New Point[HEIGHT]
            For Local j:Int = 0 Until HEIGHT
                p[i][j] = New Point(i * GAP,j * GAP)
        Return 0           
    End Method

    Method OnUpdate:Int()
        cX = MouseX()
        cY = MouseY()
        Return 0
    End Method

    Method OnRender:Int()
        canvas.Clear 0,0,0
        canvas.SetAlpha 1.0
        canvas.SetColor 1,1,1
        For Local i:Int = 0 Until WIDTH
            For Local j:Int = 0 Until HEIGHT
                Local pX:Float = getRadialX(p[i][j].x,p[i][j].y,cX,cY,k)
                Local pY:Float = getRadialY(p[i][j].x,p[i][j].y,cX,cY,k)       
           '    canvas.DrawPoint pX,pY
                canvas.DrawRect pX,pY,1,1,myimage,i,j,1,1
        Return 0       
    End Method

    Method getRadialX:Float(x:Float,y:Float,cx:Float,cy:Float,k:Float)
      Local res:Float = x+((x-cx)*k*((x-cx)*(x-cx)+(y-cy)*(y-cy)));
      Return res;
    End Method

    Method getRadialY:Float(x:Float,y:Float,cx:Float,cy:Float,k:Float)
      Local res:Float = y+((y-cy)*k*((x-cx)*(x-cx)+(y-cy)*(y-cy)));
      Return res
    End Method

End Class
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