Ludum Dare Compo #44

Just a few shots of a bit of brainstorming and two screenies from my work on day 1 of the competition. More details to follow. I think the game will be essentially complete but incredibly boring! LOL





Pretty much all the game logic is sorted. Made a better title screen and background and some uber-simple tunes. That's it for today - 8am 'til 9:15 pm is enough for one day. Roll on tomorrow!

I tried to understand your brainstorming note, but it's too blurry and messy. I think its a bad concept haha LOL
I'm done. Got so much brain fade I couldn't figure out how to parse a string of digits and insert separators for absolutely ages - time to call it a day before i break something!!

I'll be publishing 'Make a Million' on and finalizing my competition entry on Ludum Dare shortly. In the meantime here are a few boring screenshots:



Nice and simple game. this is a strong entry...good luck @Paul59
Fun especially for an artist like me. I make a million and I'm in tropical island now :cool:
Getting some decent reviews so that's good.

I've been thinking about a better way to structure such programs in future. As it stands I put each game state in a separate file with some module level variables (far too many, but I was in a rush!) and their own update and render functions, calling whichever was required from the main file's OnUpdate() and OnRender()

Previously (in other languages) I've used classes for each state but I'm not sure how this would impact memory - instantiating Play(), Menu(), Options() etc in the main file and calling their methods as required would surely be hungrier than just calling functions in various modules.

How does everyone else do it?
I like to use Class and did not care much about the memory. Many classes and sometime extend another class in many layers. So far did not see any problem.
Prompted by all the positive comments ( - and I've got enough ratings to get a score now, woohoo) I've decided to carry on refining the game a bit... just starting to add in some pre-generated watermarks like this king's head, rather than random patterns every time (although random will still be there to mix it up a bit!). Will also add-in @magic's html-restart code and perhaps make some better music.
Screenshot at 2019-05-01 20-33-06.png
Turns out I'd organized things better than my 'competition head' thought: I only needed to restart the relevant music and change the game state rather than completely restart the app but @magic's code will no doubt find a use :)

Cerberus X:
    If GetChar() > 0 Or MouseHit(MOUSE_LEFT) > 0
        state = MENU
        'start the menu (same as title) music
Well, here's my score. I'm not sure how many 'compo' entries there were (certainly a couple of thousand) so I'm really chuffed with the results, especially for innovation...

Overall: 228th (3.385 average from 54 ratings)
Fun: 262nd (3.179 average from 55 ratings)
Innovation: 46th (3.858 average from 55 ratings)
Theme: 315th (3.167 average from 53 ratings)
Graphics: 332nd (3.077 average from 54 ratings)
Audio: 143rd (3.323 average from 50 ratings)
Humor: 197th (2.875 average from 50 ratings)
Mood: 314th (2.948 average from 50 ratings)
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