playing with cpp a bit

Out of curiosity I tried to play around with cpp. I had this function ftime in BMax, that used standard c functions time, localtime and strftime to format the local time into a string - and after many tries now I got it running in Cerberus! Why? For fun, of course. And also to learn about the capabilities of CX ;)


' ftime.cxs
' compiles as STDCPP


Import "ftime.cpp"

Function malloc_:Int( size:Int )            ' allocate memory block
Function peekchar_:Int( mem:Int, pos:Int )    ' read char from memory block
Function time_:Void( time:Int )                ' get current system time
Function localtime_:Int( time:Int )            ' translate time to tm struct
Function strftime_:Void( buf:Int, size:Int, fmt$, time:Int ) ' format time into
                                            ' string in buf

Function Main:Int()
    Print( ftime("%A, %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S") )
    Return 0

' returns current time in the format defined in pFString
Function ftime:String( pFString:String )
    Local time:Int = malloc_(64)            ' memory for time
    Local timestring:Int = malloc_(256)        ' buffer for string
    time_(time)                                ' get current system time
    Local tm:Int = localtime_(time)            ' translate to tm struct
    strftime_(timestring, 256, pFString, tm)    ' format into string
    ' make int array from buffered chars
    Local ret:Int[256]
    For Local i:Int = 0 Until 256
        ret[i] = peekchar_(timestring, i)
    ' return string from int array
    Return String.FromChars( ret )
End Function
and ftime.cpp

// wrapper function for: time_t time (time_t* timer);
// except it doesn't return anything
void time_( long long int ttime ){
    time( (time_t*)ttime );

// wrapper function for: struct tm * localtime (const time_t * timer);
// returns the address of the tm structure as cerberus compatible int
int localtime_( long long int ttime ){
    return (long long int)localtime( (time_t*)ttime );

// wrapper function for: size_t strftime (char* ptr, size_t maxsize,
//        const char* format, const struct tm* timeptr );
int strftime_( long long int buf, int size, String fmt, long long int ttime ){
    return strftime( (char*)buf,size,fmt.ToCString<char>(), (tm*)ttime );

// wrapper function for: void* malloc (size_t size);
// returns the address of the allocated block as a cerberus compatible int
int malloc_( int size ){
    return (long long int)malloc( size );

// reads a char from a block at a defined position
// returns the char as a cerberus compatible int
int peekchar_( long long int mem, int pos ){
    char* pmem = (char*)mem;
    return (int)pmem[pos];
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