p2p messaging


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Jun 19, 2017
Hey there,

I just revived my old module for real time messaging. I selected for this purpose. There are many others there like Photon, Pubnub, Pusher, but seems to be by far the most affordable one. If you look at their pricing, up to 100 simultaneous connections are free and for $30 per month you get 3000(!) concurrent connections which is more often that not beyond the capabilities of a dedicated server.

Currently definitely working is the HTML5 target, Android should work as well but I haven't tested yet. Will add iOS and probably Desktop as well:

So what's the use case for that? You can use it for room based multiplayer realtime games or chat applications. It just covers all the communication you still need something to store the player data (you can use PHP/MySQL as backend for instance).
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