Roadmap - Future development of Cerberus X


Jun 19, 2017
Hi folks,

as you might have seen, I have decided that our code editor Ted has reached the end of its development. Adding to that, the Apple targets need some work as apps who use OpenGL(ES) might not run on OSX/IOS much longer. I predict that OSX 10.15 and IOS13 will be the last releases that do.

So here is a loose list of the things that some motivated members of this community and I try to work on. If we/I succeed and how long it might take, no one can say at this moment. And there is always that phenomen called CHANGE!

Anyway, here are the current plans:
  • Create one or more extensions for VSCode, so you can use that IDE for your CX development. There are loose thoughts of customizing/building the open source version of VSCode for our needs and shipping it with CX. But of course, the extension are the more important thing right now.

  • Integrate a 3rd party render backend which supports Metal and/or Vulkan so apps for the Apple platforms still run in the future.
    Mojo1/mojo2 compability is a goal, but not promised. A new API will definitely come when we know which backend it will be and what features it has. I am looking for one, that supports 3D so we can get buildin 3D functionality for CX. Still have to finish my game CardRogues and want to much to CX for it.

  • Rewrite the docs and examples, so it is easier for a CX newcomer to learn it and for us all, to find relevant information more easily.

  • Add extra tools to help you create your games. Tools like an app that helps you build your project for a targeted platform, a bitmap font creator, a sprite sheed creator, etc. I prefer them to be build in Python/Qt5 or in CX alone. But as that has no build in GUI, I think the Python way is more easy.
These are my goals for CX at the moment. It will take time definitely, so don't expect anything of this by the end of the year. I might release some bug fixes for the current version but nothing big.

Have a great day
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Jun 26, 2017
@Holzchopf You have put a lot of work into the docs regarding content and the technical side. I would like to reorganize the docs like @MikeHart mentioned above. So I was wondering, if I could ask you in one way or the other about some things here.


Jun 26, 2017
Great! I am going to do a blank brainstorming and prototyping without looking at the docs. Then I will get back to you on that. :D
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