Jul 6, 2017
For a few... years (!) I've been working (on and off) on a game for French speaking speech therapists.
I'm still not done (many bugs left, some more game modes to add) but I'm beginning to think I'll be able to finish it some day.

It aims at helping the patient develop their sentence processing.

I'm using Mojo1 + IgnitionX (because I thought it would allow me to grasp multiple different scenes on the screen easily, which is quite the case but you have to understand Playniax's logic first to use it). I'm not always having fun coding this but in the end what I get on the screen is what I intend to get.

At the moment there are two main game modes.
The first one is some sort of "sandbox" mode. You can pick up words to make a sentence and then see what happens on the screen. Then you can modify the sentence and see what happens.
In the second mode you have to move the sentences on the right animations. The speech therapist can change many parameters, so that the computer automatically creates more or less complicated sentences to play with. Depending on the parameters, the sentences shown at once can look pretty much the same except for one word or one word's position, or be quite different so the patient must use more or less complex strategies to understand them.

The characters are randomly assembled, dressed and coloured from a bunch of images (limbs, clothes, faces....)
That's what those parts look like :

What I have to do is to clean everything up and fix the many bugs, add modes, add animations when you win, and send it to testers...
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