VIRUSbit - Virus plague in the system


Sep 26, 2017
"...Each time all viruses on the screen are removed, another wave of viruses will be created. This never ends..."
Where did you hear that before? .. Ahh yes ... I was telling myself a few days ago, when I was checking the work computers ... Especially the part of the "...This never ends..." :)
Thanks for the present, the game is super cool. I downloaded it to play in my spare time and to show them to my students how far they can go if they want to do something cool and entertaining.

PD: I had my antivirus check it before playing it, even so the viruses still appear ;)


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Apr 7, 2018
Thank you rickychus!!!
I love making microgames, they are simple and easy to play, they are easy to do.

PD: I don't think you're the only one who has analyzed the file several times :p.
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