What do folks use for a scripting langauge?


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Jul 17, 2017
In many of my games, I want to be able to have code-like assets that don't depend on a recompile, e.g. to setup a level.

In bmax I was able to use the nice Lua library & interpreter, but all I've been able to find for CX/Monkey so far is MiniC, a homebrewed language. It works fine, but is a little clunky on the CX side (you have to declare & convert every variable and function you want to use in a script).

Are there other solutions for this that folks are using?


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Jun 28, 2017
@wick - MiniC was the only one that I ever heard of. I know that Nicholas Grant ( aka goodlookingguy ) had his own forked version, but I doubt that addressed the clunky aspects of the usage. Here is Nicholas' repo of MiniC would at least be interesting to do a diff with the version you are using.
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