Cerberus X Documentation


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App config settings
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App config settings are settings that affect how a project is built.
ASCII table
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ASCII codes 0-127.
Asset import
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The Import keyword can be used to provide assets to the current project which are not stored in the project data directory.
File formats
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This table lists the file formats supported by Cerberus X targets.
Key codes
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The following constants are for use with KeyDown and KeyHit:
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The identifiers below are language keywords and are reserved for use by the Cerberus X language; these keywords are case-insensitive.
Language reference
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This manual describes the syntax and general concepts behind the core Cerberus X language.
Memory management
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Cerberus X is a garbage collected language, and depends on the underlying target language to provide memory management.
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Cerberus X optimises your code during translation for size.
Resource paths
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App resources may be stored in many different locations, for example, in an app's data dir, on the local filesystem, or on a remote server.