Cerberus X Documentation


ASCII codes 0-127. For those who are too lazy to type Print `a`.

000NUL (null)032space064@096`
001SOH (start of heading)033!065A097a
002STX (start of text)034"066B098b
003ETX (end of text)035#067C099c
004EOT (end of transmission)036$068D100d
005ENQ (enquiry)037%069E101e
006ACK (acknowledge)038&070F102f
007BEL (bell)039'071G103g
008BS (backspace)040(072H104h
009TAB (horizontal tab)041)073I105i
010LF (line feed)042*074J106j
011VT (vertical tab)043+075K107k
012FF (form feed)044,076L108l
013CR (carriage return)045-077M109m
014SO (shift out)046.078N110n
015SI (shift in)047/079O111o
016DLE (data link escape)0480080P112p
017DC1 (device control 1)0491081Q113q
018DC2 (device control 2)0502082R114r
019DC3 (device control 3)0513083S115s
020DC4 (device control 4)0524084T116t
021NAK (negative acknowledge)0535085U117u
022SYN (synchronous idle)0546086V118v
023ETB (end of transmission block)0557087W119w
024CAN (cancel)0568088X120x
025EM (end of medium)0579089Y121y
026SUB (substitute)058:090Z122z
027ESC (escape)059;091[123{
028FS (file separator)060<092\124|
029GS (group separator)061=093]125}
030RS (record separator)062>094^126~
031US (unit separator)063?095_127DEL