Cerberus X Documentation

Memory Management

Cerberus X is a garbage collected language, and depends on the underlying target language to provide memory management.

Finalizers are not supported. If you need an object to be 'destroyable', you will need to add a 'Destroy' type method.

The garbage collector is capable of collecting cyclic data structures such as linked lists automatically.

The current C++ garbage collector will only collect garbage when control is returned to the OS. In the case of C++ Mojo targets such as IOS and GLFW, this occurs after any of the 'On' methods such as OnCreate, OnUpdate etc return.

In general, the best way to use the garbage collector is to ignore it! Although such practices as 'nulling out' object references are common, they are seldom required.

But it's a good idea to monitor your apps memory requirements as you develop anyway. This will allow you to catch any memory issues, GC related or otherwise, early on.