Cerberus X Documentation

The Custom target

The custom target allows you to add targets without modifying and recompiling TRANSCC.

A custom target directory needs at least to files:

  1. A target.cxs file with specific entries
  2. A cxbuild.txt file which contains the script commands to actually build your project directory.

    Build process

    With a custom target, TRANCSS will copy the content of your template directory in your build project. Then TRANSCC outputs at least a __config__.txt file that contains all the configuration settings and a __main__.txt file, which contains the translated source code. With the javascript langugue, it also outputs a __meta__.txt file, which contains all the metadata. After that it will process the cxbuild.txt file.


    The target.cxs file sets the basic options so TED and TRANSCC know, what is has to do with a target.

    #TARGET_NAME="Custom Builder" ' This can be set freely and is the text displayed inside the target selector of TED.
    #TARGET_SYSTEM="customsystem" ' This is also a custom value that can be accessed inside modules during the build phase.
    #TARGET_BUILDER="custom" ' The value custom tells TRANSCC that it is a custom target and that TRANSCC needs to look for a cxbuild.txt file and process that.
    #TARGET_LANG="cpp" ' Can be set to cpp/cs/as/js/java . With this value you control, which target language TRANSCC will generate.
    #TARGET_HOST="winnt|macos|linux" ' With these entries, you can control on which platform your target will be visible.


    This file contains a sequence of script commands which control the build process of your custom target. Here is an example:

    ' This is a custom target.
    print::>>>My custom target.<<<

    inject::%buildDir%/fna/__config__.txt %buildDir%/fna/CerberusGame/Class1.cs CONFIG //
    inject::%buildDir%/fna/__main__.txt %buildDir%/fna/CerberusGame/Class1.cs TRANSCODE //

    build::"%MSBUILD_PATH%" /t:CerberusGame /p:Configuration=%config% CerberusGame.sln
    execute::CerberusGame.exe /gldevice:##FNA_GRAPHIC_DRIVER## /usescancodes:0


    A script command has the following structure. The command followed by a double colon and then the parameter string.


    The parameter string can contain the following variables which will be processed and replaced during execution:

    Buildin Variables

    %cxDir% ' Cerberus X directory.
    %srcDir% ' Source directory.
    %buildDir% ' The default Build directory.
    %targetDir% ' The directory of your custom target.
    %config% ' The configuration during the build process (release|debug).
    %srcName% ' The file name of your main source file.
    %targetName% ' The name of your custom target.

    ##anyCompilerOption## ' Between the pair of ##, you can access any compiler option set in a module, your source files or your config.cxs file.

    %ANDROID_PATH% ' The ANDROID_PATH set inside the config file from your cerberus/bin directory.
    %ANDROID_NDK_PATH% ' The ANDROID_NDK_PATH set inside the config file.
    %ANT_PATH% ' The ANT_PATH set inside the config file.
    %JDK_PATH% ' The JDK_PATH set inside the config file.
    %FLEX_PATH% ' The FLEX_PATH set inside the config file.
    %MINGW_PATH% ' The MINGW_PATH set inside the config file.
    %MSBUILD_PATH% ' The MSBUILD_PATH set inside the config file.
    %PSS_PATH% ' The PSS_PATH set inside the config file.
    %PSM_PATH% ' The PSM_PATH set inside the config file.
    %AGK_PATH% ' The AGK_PATH set inside the config file.
    %HTML_PLAYER% ' The HTML_PLAYER set inside the config file.
    %FLASH_PLAYER% ' The FLASH_PLAYER set inside the config file.


    Similar to Cerberus X, single line comments are writen with a ' in front.

    'This is a comment.

    Script commands

    The following commands can be used inside the cxbuild.txt file:


    If set to on, the script commands will be echoed to the console. Default is on.


    Sets the platform on which the following commands are executed. Default is all.


    Sets the configuration on which the following commands are executed. Default is all.


    The text string will be printed into the console.


    The params string will be executed during the build phase.


    The params string will be executed during the build phase.

    replace::file srcStr replaceStr

    Replaces the srcStr with the replaceStr inside the file.

    copyfile::srcFile dstFile

    Copies the srcFile to the dstFile. If the dstFile exists, it will be overwritten.


    Deletes the file.

    copydir::srcDir dstDir

    Copies the srcDir to the dstDir.


    Deletes the directory.


    Create the directory.


    Changes the current directory to the directory.


    Copies the content of all data directories to the dstDir.

    renamefile::srcFile dstFile

    Renames the srcFile to dstFile.

    inject::inputfile outputfile section(CONFIG/TRANSCODE/METADATA) (preface)

    Injects the content of the inputfile to the outputfile. You need to specify a section inside outputfile. %preface is optional and be default set to ~n//.