Cerberus X Documentation

Getting started

Hi and welcome to Cerberus X!

Please read this article fully. Cerberus X does certain things a little differently, so this article will attempt to cover all those 'gotcha' things that you may encounter when getting started.


After installing Cerberus X, you should be able to build and run programs for at least the Html5 target. If you are having problems running Html5 programs you may need to upgrade your browser.

To build for other targets, you will need to install the tools and SDKs required by those targets. For example, to build android apps you will need to install the android SDK.

Please see the Target SDKs page for more details.

The Cerberus X language

Cerberus X is a high level programming language based on the popular 'Blitz' range of languages, and was inspired by both Java for its streamlined language, and BASIC for its readability.

Cerberus X is also a translator - it translates programs written in the Cerberus X language into a number of different target languages, which in turn allows Cerberus X programs to run on a wide range of target platforms.

Once Cerberus X has translated a program into a form appropriate for a target platform, it then passes the program on to the native tools and SDKs used by the platform to complete the compilation and linking process. Therefore, before using Cerberus X you will need to ensure the correct tools and SDKs used by the various target platforms are installed. Please see the sections at the end of this document for instructions for installing target platform SDKs.

Please see the Language reference section for a description of the Cerberus X language.

Cerberus X quick tips

The Mojo module

Cerberus X also includes a lightweight programming framework called Mojo.

Mojo is designed primarily for writing simple 2D games. It is highly portable, lightweight, and mostly procedural in nature. It is in many ways designed for programmers like myself who just want access to the low level stuff as easily as possible!

Mojo is most likely what you will use when you start programming Cerberus X, but it is not part of the Cerberus X language - it is an optional module, and in future other such framework modules may also appear.

Mojo quick tips