Cerberus X is a game development language,
made for Hobbyists, Indies and Professionals.

With Cerberus X anyone can code and build games/apps for multiple platforms very fast.
Only very little code is needed to have your creations up and running on supported devices in no time.

Target your audience
wherever they are.

With Cerberus X you can code your game once and then deploy it to multiple platforms.
You can handle different resolutions and ways of input very easily.
Cerberus X solves many problems which different target platforms bring up.

Money Money Money.
Share and sell your games and apps.

You create games with Cerberus X on your favorite development platform.
Then you can export your creations to run on Desktop, Web browsers, Android and IOS devices!


Cerberus X is easy to learn.
We provide numerous resources to help you achieve your goals.


Cerberus X provides a great set of features to create games for desktop, web and mobile platforms.


We believe in open source software. If you want to get your hands on Cerberus X's source code, you can grab it from GitHub.


Want to see games and apps created with Cerberus X? We have a nice showcase section for you!

Latest News About Cerberus X.


Read what others love about Cerberus X.

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"Cerberus X is IMHO the most convenient solution when it comes to quick and easy Android programming."

Tanya Arts Ivelle Games

"Cerberus-X provides us with an opportunity to develop cross-platform games on a limited budget. 
HTML5, Desktop, Android and iOS - it is a true write-once-run-anywhere solution and 
we are very optimistic about the future of Cerberus-X!"


"Cerberus builds upon the great MonkeyX platform which has proven to be a great cross platform development environment for indies like myself."

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