Learn About Cerberus X

If you want to learn about how to great games and appplications with Cerberus X,
we have a range of resources to help you learn and raise your skills to create great games and applications.

Cerberus X Forum

The community forum is THE place to ask questions about Cerberus X. Learn from and with other Cerberus X users. Very helpful and experienced users and the Cerberus X develoment team will try to answer any questions you come up with. From "How to start as a beginner" to implement the newest mobile functionality. Ask away.

Tutorial posts and resources

Others and us have and will post tutorials about Cerberus X  inside the resource section on the forum. They will help you to get started.

Tutorial videos

Some people can learn very good from videos, showing how to use a product.

For now, we can point you to an older series of videos about how to create games with Monkey X, the predecessor of Cerberus X. Besides using a different editor, the code is still valid.

Online Documentation

The documentation that ships with your Cerberus X installation is also mirrored in the documentation online. You will find that the details of the Cerberus X programming language and all of the commands is fully documented. You also will find some guides that will step you through making your first project.

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