Cerberus X v2017-07-14 released!

Hey there,

we’re proud to announce another release of Cerberus X! Major change is the Gradle support for Android. Admob Interstitials have been added as well!
You need to install Android Studio (or at least the SDK) with tools version 26.

You can download it here: https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x
GitHub: https://github.com/KrautApps/cerberus

Working 64bit MinGW (for desktop target): https://www.cerberus-x.com/downloads/tdm-gcc-64.zip

It comes with precompiled binaries for Windows and MacOS.
Linux is (still) not working yet but will, we work on that!

NEW: [ANDROID] added Admob Interstitials
MOD: [ANDROID] Moved to Gradle build system – removed deprecated ANT stuff
FIX: [EXAMPLE] Fixed bouncyaliens.cxs example regarding the decorated window flag
FIX: [MOJO2] Fixed not using MAX_LIGHTS constant in Canvas:Init(Void)

Have fun and please let us know any issues.

Known issues:

  • Linux not working yet
  • GLFW Visual Studio doesn’t work yet, please use MinGW 64 bit version instead.

Posted on: July 14, 17 at 7:30 pm, by MikeHart, in

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