Cerberus X v2017-07-21 released

Hey there,

we’re proud to announce another release of Cerberus X! This is mainly a bug fix release which fixes that package identifier issue with Android.

There are now three different downloads, one zip for Windows, one pkg for MacOS and one tar.gz for Linux. ;)

You can download it here: https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x
GitHub: https://github.com/KrautApps/cerberus

Working 64bit MinGW (for desktop target): https://www.cerberus-x.com/downloads/tdm-gcc-64.zip

It comes with precompiled binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

FIX: [ANDROID] fixed Android build error when using different package name

Have fun and please let us know any issues.

Known issues:

  • GLFW Visual Studio doesn’t work yet, please use MinGW 64 bit version instead.

Posted on: July 21, 17 at 12:29 pm, by MikeHart, in

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