Cerberus X v2017-10-24 released!

Hey there,

we’re very proud to announce another release of Cerberus X! This version has a quite long change list. Many contributions came from other guys here from the forum, thank you so much for this! It helps us a lot! One “cool” feature is probably that we got rid of the dependency to BlitzMax which, as you might know, is 32bit only. Apple requests 64 bit apps for Mac by next year so we’re safe now! Phew.

You can download it here: https://krautapps.itch.io/cerberus-x
GitHub: https://github.com/KrautApps/cerberus

Working 64bit MinGW (for desktop target): https://www.cerberus-x.com/downloads/tdm-gcc-64.zip

It comes with precompiled binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux.


FIX: [ANDROID] Fixed missing in app purchase interface
FIX: [MOJO2] Fixed memory leak when discarding an image
FIX: [DESKTOP] Fixed alpha channel drawing on OSX showing color banding.
FIX: [makeDocs] Fixed makeDocs not recognising MonkeyDoc folders and .monkey files.
FIX: Fixed wrong naming of config file in GLFW_Angle target.
FIX: [OSX] fixed compiler error in MacOS due to new clang 4.0 version
NEW: [DESKTOP] Added mouse wheel support for GLFW.
NEW: [MOJO2] Added new blend modes Alpha2, Opaque2, AlphaStamp to mojo2 (thanks Soap!)
NEW: [MOJO/MOJO2] Added DrawImage9P to draw images via the 9-Patch algorithm.
NEW: [MOJO/MOJO2] Added bitmap font drawing.
NEW: [MOJO] Added Font + Glyph classes to support bitmap font drawing.
MOD: [TED] Syntax highlighting of the Enumerate keyword.
MOD: [Docs] Added Enumerate keyword.

Changes made by muruba (THANKS SO MUCH!)

MOD: Visual beautifying of the HTML5 target.
MOD: Readme.MD changed and runable demos added to it.

Changes made by pixelpaladin (THANKS SO MUCH!)

NEW: Added Enumerate keyword so you can do enumerations.

Changes made by dawlane (THANKS SO MUCH!)

FIX: [HTTP] Linux libcurl now use repository development files instead of the templates files.
FIX: [DESKTOP] Pass addition CC, LD and LIB parameters to GLFW GCC compilers.
FIX: Updated GLFW GCC Windows and Linux Makefiles for additional parameters.
FIX: fixed deprecation warnings for mac os (stdlibc++)
NEW: Powershell build script for building Cerberus from scratch and instructions.
NEW: Added a new libs directory for external libraries.
NEW: [DESKTOP] Copy dynamic libaries from new libs directory to final build directory. GCC Windows only for now.
NEW: CServer test files added to cserver source directory.
NEW: Windows launcher now written in C/C++ and CodeBlock project files.
MOD: [MOJO] audio.cxs now uses GLFW_GCC_LIB_OPTS & GLFW_COPY_LIBS to pass options to the Makefiles instead of them being hard coded.
MOD: Updated documentation for new pre-processor directives.
MOD: Updated cserver.cxs for use with Windows. Note that TED has a problem releasing the cserver process.

If you want to use Jungle together with Cerberus we still have to wait for ziggy to apply a patch. You can use the attached zip, just replace the modules folder with the one which is attached:

There are 3 important point to make Jungle IDE work (if you want to do it NOW already):

  1. Rename all files in the module path back to .monkey (done with the attached zip)
  2. Rename all your files of the project back to .monkey
  3. Add the following line in your config.winnt.txt BEFORE the other modpath line:

Have fun and please let us know any issues.

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